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Red Grandis is 100% FSC Certified

Balau Decking

Sustainable hardwood provides its own unique beauty in its colour variations, from the red hues of Massaranduba to the golden brown of Balua.
Our decking is fluted on one side.


In general, durable hardwood decking does not require and preservative treatment, resulting in the timber weathering to a uniform grey colour.

In order to retain the richness of colour, we recommend that a good quality oil be applied to all 4 sides prior to installation, and regularly thereafter.

Timber is a product of nature, thereby exhibiting characteristics that need to be highlighted:

  • Scattered pin holes will occur through the product
  • Colour variation is allowed
  • Limited bow and twist will occur
  • Density variation is allowed
  • There will be limited expansion and contraction due to moisture conditions
  • The timber is kiln-dried to below 20% moisture content
  • All grading is done on the face (reeded side)
  • Sapwood is allowed
  • Scattered pinholes are accepted, but clustered and grouped pinholes are not
  • 2 smoothly machined knots not exceeding 1/4 of the width are permissible
  • Resin pockets are only permitted on non-reeded back side

Defects that are not persmissible include the following:

  • Borer Holes
  • Splits
  • Checks
  • Collapse
  • High compression failure
  • Decay / Rot
  • Shake
  • Twist
  • Unsound knots

Storage and handling

a) Store in a dry ventilated area

b) Store on dunnage off the floor

c) Ensure moisture-free environment


  • 19 x 90mm x 2.400m
  • 19 x 90mm x 2.700m
  • 19 x 90mm x 3.000m